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What questions should you ask before getting a payday loan?

Payday loans are similar to other credit agreements such as bank loans or credit cards with some practical differences. Among their benefits is quick loan form and approval process, but borrowers should fully understand what they will get. Using a short-term loan without understanding the pros and cons could be a costly mistake and you should always go into the details of the loan offer that you are about to grasp.

To help you, here are a few useful questions you should ask before signing the agreement.

Question 1: How much is the interest rate of the payday loans or a fixed fee?

Answer: The interest rate is often directly proportional to the amount borrowed with the payday loans. The repayable amount includes what you borrowed plus a fee, added every two weeks. The interest rate is really high, because this type of loans are for people with all types of credit score, including bad and fair credit.

Question 2: What are your rights and responsibilities as a customer?

Answer: This is a question that is answered differently and an answer depends on the particular lender. Reliable lenders always provide the information about your rights and responsibilities on their website. If by any means, they do not have a website, then they will surely provide you with other sources as brochures where you can read all the terms and conditions for payday loans. Never miss this step to avoid potential complications.

Question 3: Are you dealing with a licensed direct lender?

Answer: It is indeed an important issue and you have to know the answer before you send request for the payday loans. You should check the lender's history. Legal lenders are licensed and authorized to operate as a private lender. They operate under fair lending policies and always give a quick response to all queries raised by their customers. If you find that the lender you have chosen does not have the permit to work then switch to the better company immediately and file a claim at the Better Business Bureau website.

If you need to buy something immediately or cover a sudden bill and you can not get money any other way, you might think about short-term payday loans. Use them wisely, do not use them regularly and payday loans might be the right choice for you!

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